Scarred Lions

Where do you belong?

If action and adventure is what you are looking for, this is the book for you!

Buyisiwe feels like a stranger in the place he grew up. He simply cannot shrug the feeling of dread following him through the streets of London.
And then he receives the terrible news. His mother can’t take care of him anymore; he has to go and live with his estranged father, Themba, in Africa. Africa is not what Buyisiwe expected it to be.

It is a place of great beauty and splendour, magnificent animals and terrible danger. A scarred, man-eating lion prowls the game reserve, waiting for his next victim. The hunt is on. Who will survive? And will Buyisiwe finally find a place where he really belongs?

Did you know?

Scarred Lions was also published in Afrikaans as Leeus met Letsels.

Leeus met Letsels was nominated for the IBBY honour roll (2014). It was exhibited with the world’s best children’s books at book fairs in various countries.

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Fanie Viljoen
Skrywer, dagdromer, koffiedrinker.