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 Pleisters vir die dooies

Just a note to thank you for writing books about the darker side of life. I really enjoyed the book. My teen-aged son will now read it. Today I also bought Uit [Out]. I’m sure it will also be a winner.

Thanks for your books showing the world that we are all unique and that there is a special place for everybody.

Keep on writing. You’re GREAT !



I recently read your book Uit [Out] and want to thank you for it. I can relate to the book and it will surely help people who want to come out but are afraid to. I’ve been out for a year and it truely is a difficult road. This book could not have been better. It described the life of a gay boy perfectly.

Anonymous, 16


What an awesome book. I don’t really read Afrikaans books, but when I started reading Nova, I couldn’t stop. I’m looking forward to your new books.

Mountie reading freak

Tarien Bester


Dear Mr. Viljoen

My son and I would like to thank you for your book Slym [Slime]. He is currently in grade 5 in an English school, Veritas College. Initially he struggled with Afrikaans, making him very negative. This year we enjoyed Slym so much that his Afrikaans has improved markedly. He was so enthusiastic over the the funny, yet exiting story.

Who would have thought that an Afrikaans book would be so much fun.

Best wishes

Heidi and Nikola Babic

Pleisters vir die dooies


Pleisters vir die dooies [Band aids for the dead]. What a journey, what a voice. And one of the most un-f**king-believable endings to a book I’ve ever read. Please write more.


Scarred Lions

This novel is beautifully written and an emotional read at times as Buyiswe comes to terms with a new father, culture and country. I loved the evocative descriptions of South Africa and feel this would be a good introduction for pupils studying this. It also deals with sensitive issues such as relationships and identity. (Sarah5 on Scarred Lions – Goodreads)

Die geheime bestanddeel in Petra Pienk se piesangbrood

Hi Fanie, my daughter, Jacomien is 9. Die geheime bestanddeel in Petra Pienk se piesangbrood [The secret ingredient in Petra Pink’s banana bread] is the first book she read on her own. She enjoyed it so much, she couldn’t put it down and finished reading it in 3 days. Now all she wants to do is read. She already motivated two other girls to also start reading. Please write more books for girls!


Petra Labuschagne


I really enjoyed Onderwêreld [Underworld]. It was written for the intelligent young readers of today and is backed up with amazing research. The story line is very strong with a surprise ending. This is the kind of book I enjoy reading.

Iloma Marais

Die geheime bestanddeel in Petra Pienk se piesangbrood

Hi Fanie

My grade 1 daughter and I have just finished reading Petra Pienk [The secret ingredient in Petra Pink’s banana bread]. We started off reading only 3 chapters each nite, but eventually we couldn’t wait so we finished the whole book. I am absolutely crazy about your writing style. The children easily identify with your characters.

Geraamte in die klas [Skeleton in the classroom] was SO funny, my brothers and sisters simply had to read it too (and they are 26, 28 and 34 years old respectively).  I will ensure that we buy all your books for our library and hope you continue writing for light years to come!

With kind regards

Mariska Scholtz

Die geheime bestanddeel in Petra Pienk se piesangbrood

My daughter, Lane, loves your book Petra Pienk [The secret ingredient in Petra Pink’s banana bread] so much she asked me to buy more of the same for her. The secret ingredient was very special to her!

Nuline van Vuuren


Onderwêreld [Underworld] was EXCELLENT! I couldn’t put it down. When I reached the end, I hoped there was another 200 pages. Really great. I can’t wait for the next release. Thanks a lot.

André Rossouw


I started reading your book Onderwêreld [Underworld] yesterday. I couldn’t put it down, but simply had to at 1 o’clock in the morning. The next day I skimped on my school work to get back to the story.

Karla Swart


I read Onderwêreld [Underworld] this past weekend while at the beach. I actually bought it for my friend’s son’s 17th birthday but couldn’t stop reading. It is a brilliant book, definitely one of my favorites now.
It is very relevant and you again touch on real teenager issues. I liked the different levels on which the title Underworld plays. It would make a great set work book for schools.

Well, I would have to buy another copy of Onderwêreld [Underworld] on Monday, because I am keeping this one to myself!

Congratulations on writing another excellent book. Please don’t stop writing!

Susan-Marie Pieterse


I couldn’t put the book (Miserella) down once I began reading it. I was a really good book. Will you please start writing Miserella 2 as soon as possible?

Thank you for a good book.


Fan mail

I want to thank you for the letter you sent to my son, Hardus. It has been a long while since I’ve seen his eyes shine like that! When he got in the car that afternoon after having received the letter in school, he said to me: “Mommy, I’m the happiest boy in the whole world.” He gets so dejected because he has trouble reading. Your books spur him on to try again every day. Thank you again.


Karen Swart

Fan mail

Hi Fanie

This is Thelma Smit, grade seven, from SWPS. I really would like to read one of your books. I love reading and enjoy all kinds of books. Our grade sevens wants you to come and visit again soon.

Bye. See ya.

Fan mail

Thank you for visiting our grade 7 class last week. Your writing talent really surprised me! I hope to see you again at our school next year!


Mrs. Eileen de Klerk


Hallo Fanie

I think your books are excellent, especially Spoke [Ghosts] I really enjoy fantasy and adventure. I’ll definitely buy one of your books!!!



Hallo Fanie

I like your book Spoke [Ghosts]. It is a great thriller.

Best wishes

Vince Bergh from SWPS