Fanie Viljoen was born in 1970 and attended school in Welkom (South Africa). If it was up to him, he would still be in grade 1 today because he lever liked moving up to a new grade with every passing year.

Although Fanie wrote good school essays, he never thought he would become a writer one day. He now spends his days writing or dreaming up new ideas for stories. Being this creative is surely the best job in the world because it doesn’t feel like a job.

Here are some more things you might not know about Fanie:

  • His first job was as a teller in a bank.
  • He was a trainer at Sanlam Insurance.
  • His first short story was published in the woman’s magazine Sarie.
  • He wrote numerous radio plays, including one about a granddad who found himself a girlfriend.
  • Many of his books have been awarded with literary prizes.
  • Fanie enjoys art and he draws and paints in his spare time. (He even illustrated some of his own books.)
  • Fanie has a very sweet tooth. Honey, dates, nougat and chocolates are his favorites.
  • Fanie kept silk worms when he was in primary school. One nearly walked down his throat when he placed it on his tongue!
  • To relax, Fanie enjoys listens to music, reads or goes to the gym. (But he doesn’t really like getting tired!)
  • Fanie stays in Bloemfontein (South Africa)

The following books have already been published:


  • The last time I died (2016) Ransom Publishing
  • Scarred Lions (new edition – 2016) Ransom Publishing
  • Jump (2015) Ransom Publishing
  • Scarred Lions (2011) Ransom Publishing
  • MindF**k (2010) Ransom Publishing


  • La-di-da, Lulu (2017) Lapa Publishers
  • Krappie en die Kroon (2017) Human & Rousseau Publishers
  • Dromers (2017) Lapa Publishers
  • Aksieheld Austin: Operasie Sabotasie (2017) Lapa Publishers
  • Jou Romeo (2016) Tafelberg Publishers
  • Oepse Daisy, Lulu (2016) Lapa Publishers
  • Kaptein Verdwyn (2016) Lapa Publishers
  • Monsterrugby (2016) Lapa Publishers
  • Afkop (2016) Lapa Publishers
  • Die geheime bestanddeel in Petra Pienk se Piesangbrood (reissue 2015) Lapa Publishers
  • Bravo, Lulu (2015) Lapa Publishers
  • Prooi (2015) Lapa Publishers
  • Plons (2014) Lapa Publishers
  • Uit (2014) Lapa Publishers
  • Pleisters vir die Dooies (2014) Lapa Publishers
  • Nova: Eindspel (2014) Lapa Publishers
  • Slym en die Towertapyt (2014) Lapa Publishers
  • Galop (2013) Lapa Publishers
  • Koue Rillings (2013) Lapa Publishers
  • Oe la la, Lulu (2013) Lapa Publishers
  • Spring (2013) Lapa Publishers
  • Nova: Sterreloper (2013) Lapa Publishers
  • Leeus met Letsels (2012) Human & Rousseau Publishers
  • Nog 13 Spookstories – with co-authors Francois Bloemhof and Jaco Jacobs (2012) Lapa Publishers
  • Nova: Bloedbroers (2012) Lapa Publishers
  • Betower (2012) Lapa Publishers
  • Grilbrigade (2011) Human & Rousseau Publishers
  • Klou (2011) Lapa Publishers
  • Nova: Vuurdoop (2011) Lapa Publishers
  • Nova: Die Begin (2010) Lapa Publishers
  • 13 Spookstories with co-authors Francois Bloemhof and Jaco Jacobs (2010) Lapa Publishers
  • Slym en die beker van geluk (2009) Lapa Publishers
  • Kaptein Hamerkophaai (2009) Tafelberg Publishers
  • Onderwêreld (2008) Tafelberg Publishers
  • Die geheime bestanddeel in Petra Pienk se piesangbrood (2008) Human & Rousseau Publishers
  • Klits Kronkel en die Vloek van die Swart Jakkals (2008) Tafelberg Publishers
  • Miserella (2007) Human & Rousseau Publishers
  • Klits Kronkel en die Vlammende Swaard (2007) Tafelberg Publishers
  • Slym en die Gogga-sirkus (2007) Lapa Publishers
  • Geraamte in die klas (2006) Human & Rousseau Publishers
  • Spoke en ander gruwelike goed (2005) Human & Rousseau Publishers
  • BreinBliksem (2005) Tafelberg Publishers
  • Slym (2004) Lapa Publishers